Our Mission:

The Pensos Summer Academy builds foundational skills in young students to prepare them for success in high school and in life. Our program emphasizes leadership and team work to create a challenging, exciting, and safe environment for all.

Who we are:

Pensos, Inc. is an organization centered around novel, interactive methods of education. Founded by a coalition of college students and instructors, the Pensos Summer Academy operates on a student-centered level, focusing on each student's approach to creative problem solving. We believe in a style of teaching and learning that transcends tests and memorization and gets at the heart of what it means to educate. We strive not only to instruct, but to serve as a guide to students as they embark on their own quest for knowledge.

Our Team

Our committed team is comprised of members from a number of diverse backgrounds. By considering the perspectives of college school students along with a wide range of educational professionals, we are reimagining what a learning program can truly offer. We aspire to combine decades of educational experience with cutting-edge curriculum design to make the most out of our extended time frame.

Alex DelFranco

Alex is currently studying Astrophysics at Amherst College. He has served as a volunteer tutor in NYC for four years and has been actively employed as college-level physics Teaching Assistant for two years. In his spare time, Alex enjoys carpentry and rock climbing, along with playing the banjo.

Thomas Mowen

Thomas is currently studying Political Science and Economics at NYU. He was selected as a Head Peer Tutor at Phillips Exeter Academy and has spent time teaching at St. Bernard's School in Manhattan. In his free time, Thomas enjoys competing in puzzle hunts, playing board games, and fencing.

Richard Huang

Richard is currently a student at the University of Chicago studying Economics and Education. He succeeded Thomas as the Head of the Peer Tutoring program at Phillips Exeter Academy, and was recently admitted to the elite Education Professions program at UChicago. In his free time, Richard likes travelling, playing video games, and spending time with his dog, Felix.

Alex Pieroni

Alex Pieroni is a student at Duke University studying Neuroscience, Classical Languages, and Classical Archaeology. He has individually taught over 45 students in various subjects, hoping to cultivate a life-long passion for curiosity and mistakes. When he’s not studying, Alex enjoys songwriting, chess, and beekeeping.

Orion Bloomfield

Orion is currently studying Computer Science and Computational Biology at Brown University. He has been tutoring middle-school students online throughout the pandemic, and has held previous teaching jobs at educational summer camps. When bored, he enjoys composing music and finding new, delicious permutations of pasta dinner.

Claudia Sanchez

Claudia is a student at Rochester Institute of Technology and is currently studying New Media Interactive Development, because they enjoy the intersection between interactive art and technology. Claudia also studies Japanese and enjoys painting portraits in their free time.

Tessa Levenstein

Tessa is currently studying Math and History and Amherst College. She has worked as the Teen Life Advisor at Congregation B’nai Israel for nearly two years where she founded the two middle and high school youth groups. Tessa loves walking barefoot in mud and wants to get better at gardening and bird watching.

Mark Howell

Mark Howell is a teacher at Loyola School where he has been inspiring young minds for over nine years. Mark has earned Masters Degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Education Studies, and has been a member of the Board of Directors at Pensos for two years. In his spare time, Mark enjoys watching and coaching Baseball, and by all accounts is unparalleled in his talents in the kitchen.