Our Commitment to Virtual Learning

Our first commitment is to the health and safety of our students. To ensure this, we have elected to transition our summer program to a virtual environment. We have spent months working closely with remote learning experts to provide the best possible experience for our students. Our curriculum synthesizes a range of innovative teaching techniques with many at-home experiments and motivated group work. If you would like more information about our approach, feel free to reach out to us at contact@pensos.org

A Novel Approach

To facilitate productive group learning and teamwork skills, we have extended the length of our program and implemented a cohort system. Over a period of two weeks, each cohort will focus on a specific area of study. Each student in the cohort will receive a chance to work closely with teammates, have office hours with our instructors, and end the second week with a final project. If you would like to read more about the specific cohorts, please visit our curriculum page.


Each cohort will meet for ninety minutes each day for two weeks, and should expect up to an additional hour of group work and discussion each evening. There will be regular office hours with the instructor where every student will be able ask questions and dive deeper into each project. The dates of each cohort along with more specific scheduling information can be found by consulting our course schedule.