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Round 1: Apply Below

After you submit this early application, we will contact you for a short interview. We will then notify members of our final summer cohort about their acceptance via email.

Will the student be 13 years old by the beginning of the program? (students must be 13 years old to attend Pensos Summer Academy)
Two courses run concurrently Monday through Friday during a 2-week block. The first course will run for around 90 minutes in the morning followed by a second course that runs in the afternoon. Some days will also feature a fun, optional evening activity! Registration for multiple courses is allowed and encouraged.
We want to hear a bit about each student who applies. In the box above, please include a short essay so that we can get to know you a bit better.
Pensos Summer Academy is an educational community which depends on the full commitment and participation of each member in courses, activities, and trips. The student understands that the above includes enrolling in, and remaining at, the program throughout the session. All members of the Pensos community are expected to follow all rules and guidelines, and to treat others with honesty and respect. Teasing or bullying, as well as lying to staff members, are examples of unacceptable behavior. The program’s current Rules and Standards guides will be available after enrollment in the Student Portal. We recommend that parents/guardians and children sit together and read these guides. For any clarification on the above, please email or reach out to one of the Admissions Staff through the contact information on the website. By typing my name below I, the student, have read the above and agree to follow the community standards presented herein.